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Simple property management

Propbase helps you manage your property portfolio and makes it easy for your team to collaborate on day-to-day enquiries, deals and client information. Above that, it's accessible online, on your phone and your tablet.

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Propbase is a simple Property Management Software tool that helps you stay organized and on top of your game.

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Propbase is property management in its simplest form

If you're starting out in real estate or own a small property business, Propbase is ideal for you and your team. We designed Propbase with simplicity in mind, so you can engage with every component at your own pace. Have a quick look at Propbase features and see for yourself.

Manage contacts, properties, enquiries, deals and notes

Propbase helps you run your property business and streamline your sales process. With the ability to service client enquiries and manage maturing deals, you have everything it takes to make serious money. Create a free Propbase account and experience it for yourself.

Begin with what you've got, then build on it

Propbase is designed with a thought that not all information is available at all times, so you can begin with what's available and improve your data when you have more - Propbase just doesn't stand in your way. We've made it that easy, so take it for a spin.

One $29 package, no per-user charges, free upgrades

There's just one package, one price and all the upgrades we make are free for life. We don't care about per user charges, in-app purchases or costly support plans. If you're using Propbase you're paying just one price every month. Learn more about Propbase pricing here.

Propbase is at version 0.4.147 and growing fast

Propbase went live on February 12 2016 with version 0.3.897. We've made a dozen improvements since then and continue to write new features. Join the club, be part of every build and experience new features as we release them! A tiny bit about Propbase and the team behind it.

  • Your connection with our servers is encrypted with upto 256-bit encryption through the Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocols.
  • We backup all your data once overnight and maintain copies for 30 days. We keep all data safe, secure, and accessible to authorized users.
  • All your information is stored securely and handled with the strictest confidence. Our privacy policy outlines our information privacy practices.